Tuesday, November 18, 2014

exploring Brisbane city

when we arrived in Australia I realized that I left all of my camera cards back in America...I finally got one in the mail last week and I was happily reunited with using my good camera- hence the photo overload on the last couple blog posts.  :)

After work one day last week, my friend Jen and I met up at the botanical gardens and did some exploring in this lovely city:  

side note: our time here is going by very rapidly- we are leaving Brisbane in one month, and spending Christmas in Cairns before heading to France.  Time flies.  

This is where I work- St Andrews War Memorial Hospital

There were a bunch of these big lizards on the paths in the botanical gardens....we don't have those in Indiana  :)

Jen took me to her favorite tree- according to the sign it's around 150 years old- it's amazing how it just grows more trunks to support the huge limbs 

the Brisbane River flows through the city, and after we visited the gardens we headed out of the city on a ferry.  I've never lived in a big city- Brisbane is beautiful and I'm really enjoying our time here. 

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