Friday, March 27, 2015

le printemps

Spring is here in Albertville, and it is beautiful!

Our blog has been pretty quiet lately, but there aren't too many updates to share...just lots of studying, and lots of french learning!

Nick is in denial....he's looking over my shoulder while I'm writing this and he told me to change the title.  He's sad the snow has melted.  He loves skiing and he doesn't want to believe that spring really is here.   :)

It is still ski season for a few weeks though- it is colder up on the mountains than it is here in the city. 

But I'm loving the warmer weather, and the change of seasons.  

Here's Nick in his study spot...he spends lots of time here... :)

A few random things we have learned about France and French learning:

1- Learning French is harder and more work than we expected
2- According to our professor we will know we are really fluent in French when we say "aiy" instead of "ow" when we hurt ourselves.  (And I'm definitely not there yet, because I just had to look in my notes to remember the word "aiy")
3- Animal sounds are pronounced differently- dogs say "ouaf ouaf" instead of "woof woof"
4- Sometimes the French call their country "the hexagon" because of the shape
5- French food is delicious- and there are more than 400 types of cheese made in France
6- When you are focusing all your thoughts on learning a new language...sometimes you find yourself saying and spelling things incorrectly in English.  
7- Some people have asked us if we speak french to each other at home.  The answer is- sometimes.  But definitely not all the time, or we wouldn't have very deep conversations. :)

Just a few more photos of our lovely town...more blog updates soon...

Thanks for reading!

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