Tuesday, September 27, 2016

These walls tell stories

The walls here tell stories. Past port visits, patients healed, handcrafted artwork. I've always admired the beautiful things on the walls; they serve as reminders of who we are and why we are here.

Just a simple post to share some of what we see in our daily routines around the ship....

Thank you gift from a patient in Sierra Leone:

These posters were put up all over Madagascar last year, sharing the dates and locations of our screenings.  

"Learn to do what is right. Seek justice; help the oppressed. Defend the case of the orphans, plead the case of the widow." Isaiah 1:17

Artwork from Madagascar

I love how this one mentions certain surgical specialties. From Guinea: "Thank you for your services - Hospital Day Workers"

This wall in the cafe is telling lots of stories!  These ladies all received surgery for obstetric fistula through Mercy Ships in Madagascar!

Gift from Togo, 2010

 I've always liked this painting!

Lots of other signs also fill the walls...most of them are reminders about life in community.  "Quiet hours are from 10am-8am"

Our academy students and teachers come from around the world!

Remnants from our ship's life before she became a hospital.  The Africa Mercy was once the Dronning Ingrid, a train ferry from Denmark.

 Our bench next to the OR sliding door in the hospital where so many patients have stopped to be prayed for before surgery.

This painting is still my favorite:

And lastly, our mission statement.  I love that it's posted in reception for all to see.

-Love God
-Love and Serve Others
-Be People of Integrity
-Excellence in All We Say and Do

(Mercy Ships values - love these as well!)

Thanks for joining in on this little tour of our floating home! :)


  1. We love keeping up with your news on this blog. Praying for you and sending love to you both. -Seth & Karissa

  2. I love seeing your view from the inside! Thanks for sharing this! Prayers for you both and all those serving and being served!

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