Monday, September 25, 2017

time away: photos from Australia and America

Beautiful sunrise on an early morning flight

Hello friends!  Today I want to share a few photos of our time away from Mercy Ships between Benin and Cameroon.

We love life on board the ship, but it is also intense and fast-paced.  It's good and healthy for us to have breaks from being on the ship, and gives us a chance to reconnect with loved ones and be refreshed to continue on in the next country.

We left Benin on 18th of April- sooner than we normally would leave an outreach.  This was to allow us enough time to take a break before I joined the advance team in Cameroon, preparing for the ship's arrival, and for Nick to go to Switzerland to study french for a month.

Visiting family in Cairns, Australia

First we went to Australia - we visited family, and Nick was even able to return to work in Brisbane for a couple weeks.  We love going to church in Brisbane, and catching up with friends there.  I am now a resident of Australia, and have a spouse visa.  So, on this visit we were able to take care of some things like sorting out my health insurance and getting me a medicare card.  We're thankful for the way God has provided for us in this way, and that we have a country where we can both live and work!  Now, I am a registered nurse and a resident in Australia.

We loved spending time with our family in Australia, and seeing little Blair just before she turned 1 year old

April in Australia is lovely- it is Australia's "autumn" and I especially loved waking up to birds singing and open windows

Camping with friends outside of Brisbane

Photos from the day we drove just north of Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast to visit the Mercy Ships Australia office

In late May, we headed to the states spent some vacation time with family in Indiana.  This was our longest visit since we got married, and we spent precious summer days with my family and youngest brothers.  It did my heart so much good, and helped us feel refreshed and ready for another outreach with Mercy Ships.

I couldn't get enough of these lilacs!  We came just in time to see them

Enjoying my parent's pond

Family get together! 

Lots of afternoons spent swimming with Jonathan and Levi

We watched Jonathan play his little league games

We spent a long weekend in St. Paul visiting Mark and Selina

We loved seeing Mark and Selina settling in to their new lives after grad school - so proud of what each of them have accomplished.  Also, they picked a beautiful place to live!

Ollie - this was our first chance to meet my family's new (and very much loved) dog.

Levi played on a soccer team this summer, he's fast!

Sweet sister! 
We even fit in a Mercy Ships reunion weekend - such precious memories and friends!

Not sure what's going on here, but the picture makes me smile.  It was SO good to reconnect with these two.

Last few photos - we've been lots of places, but the clouds are pretty amazing in the midwest! 

If you were one of the MANY people who welcomed us into their home, took us out for a meal, or stopped us in church or at work to say a kind word...THANK YOU!  We deeply appreciate your kindness!

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