Saturday, January 31, 2015

dans la classe...

Just some photos from inside our classroom this's a glimpse into our daily lives in french immersion school:

The pace is very quick here, in the 3.5 weeks of class work we have done, we have covered more concepts than I learned in my (Suzanne's) entire college spanish class.  

We are thankful for great classmates and a one very excellent teacher.  

We have 20 hours/week of in class teaching- 5 hours per day each day except Wednesday, which is a study/catch up day.  At this point, our instructor teaches the class almost entirely in French.  We have homework assignments each day, an exam to take home over each weekend, and in class "dictées" (dictation quizzes).  
Nick and I both find dictées the most challenging, because it requires so many different skills at once:  listening and comprehending the sentences, spelling, remembering all the accents, conjugating verbs, remembering how to indicate masculine, feminine, and plural words....writing in French requires a lot of attention to detail.  

there's my seat- next to Heidi.  Heidi and her husband Konroy (sitting next to Nick) are headed to serve in Cameroon.  They also live down the hall from us, and when both of us can't remember what our homework assignment was...theirs is the door we go knock on.  :)

A look into my study notebook, where I recopy the notes from class...

Someone stuck this comic on the door of our classroom :)
We feel like this every day- our brains are very full!

We've had snow almost every day this week- it looks beautiful outside!
the downside is going out to run errands on foot or by bicycle :)

the house in the photo is on campus, next to the main building where we live.


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  2. I love your commitment, Suzanne and Nick; you will be able to do your wonderful tasks in Africa so much better.
    <3 Opa Nick

    1. thank you! :)
      we are looking forward to knowing more french and using that knowledge to serve more effectively in Africa!