Monday, February 2, 2015

French houses

There are so many lovely french houses in the area, I took a walk (trudged through the snow) yesterday to take pictures of some of them and of the town.  The style of the homes here is so different than what I'm used to, I love looking at them and picking out my favorites.

The first few houses are on the ones on our road...

This one is my favorite so far.  It is standing empty right now, but soon will be under construction to be renovated.  (there is a sign in front saying that it will become a retirement home)

  Every time I walk past it I can't help but stop and look through the iron gate- it looks like the setting of a fairy tale.  

And this is another favorite of mine, down on the street corner.

Then I headed more into town...

I love the red doorway and and shutters on this one

Albertville really is lovely, even when it's so cloudy you can't see the mountains.

The city has lots of holiday decorations up still, and lights hanging over the streets.

friends...there is LOTS of snow here right just doesn't stop!

Thanks for reading, have a good monday!

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