Thursday, May 7, 2015

we're off to Madagascar...

We are headed back to our favourite floating hospital this August!

Mercy Ships has invited us to return to run a very special program- clubfeet!

The ship is currently docked in Tamatave, Madagascar.  Turns out, the need and opportunities for partnership in this area are so great that the organisation has decided to return for a second 10 month outreach starting in August of this year.

During Mercy Ship's first visit to Madagascar they found a great need for clubfoot treatment, and there is still a very long waiting list of kids. 

A few clubfoot kids in Madagascar

Nick has already taught the Ponseti method in Guinea, Togo, and Sierra Leone.  (But this will be the first time it is his full time job on the ship)

We have the opportunity to help meet this need in an awesome way!  The healthcare professionals at the local hospital in Tamatave are very eager to learn how to manage clubfeet in their own clinic- and we are eager to teach them!  The two of us will run a training program together, partnering with a local clinic and training a group of healthcare professionals on the Ponseti method.  We will run a conference, mentor the clinic staff, and treat patients alongside them for the full 10 months.  Nick will be the Ponseti Program Coordinator and Suzanne will be the Ponseti Program Assistant.  We are so excited to work together!

If you want to know how it is possible to correct feet with the Ponseti method, check out this short video clip:

A few facts about Madagascar:

- Two official languages:  Malagasy and French
-4th largest island in the world (592,800 square kilometres/ 228,900 sq mi)

-Population of over 22 million

 -0.16 Physicians per 1000 people (America has 2.45 per 1000, Australia has 3.27 per 1000)
-Over 70% of the wildlife species and 90% of the plant species found in Madagascar are found nowhere else in the world!

We are very excited about this amazing opportunity to return to work with Mercy Ships, work together as a team, and use our new French language skills.

Want to help us out?

We really appreciate everyone who has partnered with us in the past- we couldn't do this without your support in prayer, encouragement, and financial help.

We need to raise enough financial support to cover our ongoing service with Mercy Ships.  If you feel led to help us out financially, click on the "support us" link at the top of the page.

Our fundraising goal: 
23,500 USD / 30,000 AUD
for the 10 months in Madagascar

Support as of May 15th:

Thank you for being part of this journey!

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