Thursday, May 12, 2016

10 months of iPhone pics....

We are really nearing the end of our time here in Madagascar, I actually need to leave early monday morning to begin the trip to Australia...more on that later but it's to take a course related to my nursing registration, which has been very difficult to get. Nick will stay for a few more weeks and leave in early June as planned.

We've been in clean up/pack/finish projects/handover to the local clinic mode for the past weeks- it's been intense but very rewarding. The clinic staff are very well prepared to continue this work on their own.

I looked back at some of these old snapshots on my phone, and wanted to share some of them.  Just bits and pieces of life from the past 10 months, not great quality pictures but they still remind me of how much has happened since August!

August, 2015 - First views of Madagascar 

August 2015 - First visit to Antananarivo, meeting with the Ministry of Health

August 2015 - Market in downtown Tana

August 2015 - Market in downtown Tana

August 2015 - The food is good in Mada

September 2015 -  peaceful evenings

September 2015 - Intensive week of training (practice casting on models)

September 2015 - thank you to these brave gentlemen for making the outside of the ship shine!

October 2015 - Sunset out our cabin window

November 2015- testing out the sewing machine in the rehab tent

November 2015 - colorful streets 

November 2015 - Dr. Linds teaching in the clinic

December 2015 - Blue ship, blue sky, blue sea

December 2015 - soon-to-be brace shoes, local materials

December 2015 - lychees in the market 

December 2015 - the fruit section in Bazar Be

December 2015 - Tuk-tuk in front of the flower ladies' stalls

December 2015 - Nick giving a hospital inservice about Ponseti

December 2015 - the local port security got new shirts...we questioned the decision for the design

December 2015 - Christmas in cabin 4428

December 2015 - perfect place to welcome the new year

December 2015 - Kinda scary santa claus..not sure what the story is (was just next to the side of the road) 

January 2016 - hot hot days at the clinic...tiles are cool.  Also, the kid in the background was not appreciating the bath he just had.

March 2016 - Happy Birthday Nick (and thanks Krystal for making that cake happen)

April 2016 - 8 months later I still can't figure out the bus schedule, took the photo to help me remember

April 2016 - new hair selfie

April 2016 - Dr. Linds teaching Dr. Edouard suturing techniques

April 2016 - Dr. Edouard and patient orange

April 2016 - this is a drill, this is a sea muster stations.  Andrea and Harmen never actually sail with the ship though...they are too busy leading the advance team and making preparations in the next country!

April 2016 - Finished, locally made braces on a patient.

April 2016 - Last day of French class at Alliance Francaise de Tamatave.  Class was every tuesday and thursday.

April 2016 - Last day of class with Mme. Ginette.  She was a high school french teacher in Tamatave for 20+ years (with class sizes of 75 students!), now she is semi-retired and teaches evening classes to adults.

May 2016 - Containers in the port

May 2016 - sparkly ship in the evening

May 2016 - the rain has come

May 2016 - one more fire drill before I head to Australia.  Thankful for great friends like these two!

May 2016 - took a snapshot of the miraclefeet website to show the clinicians.  This organization will continue to support the clinic after our departure, so that clubfoot treatment is accessible for as many families as possible.

Click here to check out the Madagascar partnership page!  

May 2016 - The walls in the clinic have filled up with memories. It's going to be hard to say goodbye.

May 2016 - this funny floating village, full of people and a hospital that we love! :)


  1. Wow! This is VERY amazing pics. :) I wish I get a chance to see you. I'll be serving on October in Benin as a PACU Nurse. I will also make many memories when Im there like what you both did! You two are awesome.

  2. My name by the way is Jerwin, from the Philippines. :) I was given 3 weeks of service time in Benin. But ofcourse Id love to extend another one month or two? Is extending weeks of service in the ship possible once I arrive? I really cant wait to serve. :)


  3. You have truly been an inspiration and I thank you for that.
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