Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Q+A time. Where are we?

Time to brush off the dusty blog, we are well overdue for an update.  I decided the best way to catch up is in a question/answer format- this is what people have been asking us lately:

Where are you?

At the moment we are visiting Cairns, Australia where Nick's family lives. Since leaving Madagascar it has been a bit of a marathon, we've been in...

Perth: I (Suzanne) needed to go to Perth for the classroom portion of a 9 week course to qualify for my nursing registration in Australia.  So many people have been praying for us about this. This process has been complicated and taken a long time! Being able to complete this course was an answer to prayer and a testimony to God's faithfulness in our lives!!  

Brisbane:  After I completed my 4 weeks in Perth, we headed to Brisbane (Nick's home in Australia) where I did my 200 course practical hours, and Nick was able to go back to work at the Royal Brisbane hospital for just under 5 weeks.

Cairns: Now that I've completed my course, we have some time to catch up with family in Cairns before beginning our journey to go meet the ship in West Africa.

We were able to take a few days off between Perth and Brisbane, and visit the beautiful Margaret River region of Western Australia:

Where are you headed next?
Cotonou, Benin in West Africa, and we can't wait! We will arrive in Benin on the 19th of August for a 10 month field service. Nick is going to hit the ground running: he is presenting in an international conference in the neighbouring country of Togo the first week we arrive. The conference is called FATO (Fédération Africaine des Technicians Orthoprothésiste) and will be attended by professionals in rehabilitation from throughout Africa.

What does the future hold? Are you ever going to settle down!?
We always just take things year by year. We love what we do, and our hearts are firmly planted in Africa. :) We're thrilled to be part of the Benin outreach which takes us through June 2017. We've also applied for my permanent residency/spouse visa for Australia (which means that we will have a country where we can both legally live and work, always a good thing!).

Are you fundraising for Benin?
We are not yet fully funded for Benin. We are well on our way, but if you would like to partner with us financially we would be very grateful for your help! Details can be found on the "support us" page.

Will Nick run the same clubfoot program in Benin?
Yes!  The program went very very well in Madagascar. The clinic in Madagascar is continuing to treat patients, and the clinicians have more than proven their competency in treating clubfeet. 
The goal in Benin is to carry out a very similar program. Please join us in praying for our new partners in Benin who we will meet very soon!

Thank you for being part of this journey with us!  

If you would like to contact us directly please always feel free to send us an email:


  1. Thanks for sharing what God is doing in your lives. Prayers and blessings. May the Holy Spirit continue to fill you both to overflowing!

  2. Hi Nick And Suzanne
    Thanks for the update; it is great to fell that you are "near bye" I am sending you an email with an attachment about Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration in countries on both sides of Baenin run by an Australian couple. You will be interested.
    Hope to see you inFrankston one of these days (years?).
    Love - Opa Nick

  3. Thank you guys for what you are doing in Africa. You guys are great bleassing to my continent. I was so blessed working with Nick.

    Abdulai ( Joseph )

  4. Thanks for the update. I love reading about how God is living through you two! Suzanne, what will you be doing specifically in Benin? Much love, Erin

  5. So wonderful to hear what you're up to and working towards! It's always fun to see a blog update whenever you get to sneak one in!