Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas in Cairns

We've had a wonderful holiday here in Cairns!

Cairns, Australia is very hot in December, so swimming is a must.  This creek is a favorite swimming spot, called Crystal Cascades

We went looking at christmas lights one evening, and this was our favourite house...

Christmas morning fun:  giving gifts, a second hand shop gift exchange (couldn't spend more than 5 dollars), finding the lychee seed in the christmas tree, and lots of laughter

Nick kept stealing Laura's iPhone and wrapping it up and putting his name on the gift :)

Even Millie got a christmas gift

These are lychees- a tasty fruit that we don't have in North America

Later on, the whole family came over for Christmas dinner- it was wonderful for me to meet everyone!

Australian traditional dessert: Pavlova

Nick's grandfather told the traditional family story of "the lion hunt"

We all felt pretty tired after all that food....

On Boxing Day (the day after Christmas), Nick and I went to visit our friends Ryan and Teneale and their lovely family.   It was a beautiful drive out to their home, the area outside of Cairns is called the tablelands.  

It's been a good visit, and we'll miss everyone here in Cairns, 
next blog update will be from France! 

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