Friday, December 26, 2014

Nick's hit single makes the news..

Nick has made his singing debut on the Channel 7 Sunday Night program here in Australia...

The program showed footage of Australians who were on the ship during the Congo outreach, and several clips of Nick and a group of us singing to the kids on the ward made it into the final cut.  

The song we were singing was one that Nick made up out of the only words in the local language we knew...."hello" "how are you" "I'm fine" and "high-five".  That silly song was such a hit with all the patients, people were still singing it months later, long after Nick had left the ship.

Here's a link to a blog post I wrote last year about singing to the kids on the ward:

And if you want to see the program, the link is here (I think it only works in Australia, but I'm not sure):

Here are a few screen shots....I even made it into a few clips (just look for the green wig) :)

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