Saturday, December 20, 2014

see ya later, Brisbane!

The Veltjens are on the move again!

We packed our bags and left our first home together in Brisbane, and are en route to France via Cairns, Queensland for the week.  We are here visiting family for Christmas, and then we head to France on the 28th of December.

Our first home together- we lived in a unit on the second floor of this blue house 

We can't believe how quickly the months in Brisbane went by- we will miss everyone there!

We settled into our lives in Brisbane very quickly, which made it a bit sad to leave.  We are very thankful for our friends and our jobs in Brisbane.

On Thursday night before we left, we had a late thanksgiving dinner with our Bible study group, and a wonderful evening of talking, laughing and saying goodbye to friends.

Nick and I are both very thankful for our jobs in Brisbane during this season.  Nick returned to work at the Royal Brisbane hospital, and I worked at St Andrews in the central services/sterilising department.
We had the staff christmas party over lunch on my last day of work- I am so grateful for my coworkers at St Andrews and the way they welcomed me into their team, and patiently answered my many questions as I learned my new position.  Having a job at a hospital really made Brisbane feel even more like home for me, and I'm going to miss this team!

Our next destination after we leave Cairns...
Albertville, France.  We arrive in Paris on the 30th and we'll take a train to Albertville.

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