Wednesday, December 31, 2014

happy new year! meet Albertville:

Happy New Year from the Veltjens!
We are here in Albertville, France, getting settled in to French language school. It still doesn't feel real that we are here to stay for awhile.
Yesterday afternoon I took a short walk down the road and took a few photos. This place is breathtaking, and we can't believe we get to live here for this season of life. We are still getting over the jet lag and haven't explored much yet, but we can't wait to get to know this beautiful French mountain town. Everywhere we look there are picturesque French homes with mountains in the background- what a wonderful place to begin a new year!

We are still just figuring out what our lives here at the school will look like, but we have been warmly welcomed by the other students. All the students here are missionaries, and almost everyone is headed to French speaking Africa. A wide variety of missions organizations send their staff here, we celebrated New Years with families serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship and Samaritan's Purse. The students who started in September tell us that the education is very fast paced and that we will grow very quickly- great news for us. We want to learn as much French as we can during this time. 
We have a few more days to get settled in, and then placement exams on Monday to determine what class we will join.

This is our school, the building below is the one where we live and take our classes

Chemin des Galibouds is our street

Thanks for following our blog updates, many blessings on your new year!

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  1. Bonne nouvelle année et avoir du bon temps l'apprentissage de la belle langue française
    Opa Nick